Hands On Drum Programming / Free Ableton Live Custom Rack

Hands On Drum Programming / Free Ableton Live Custom Rack

A few weeks back I took a look at the fantastic new iOS app from Propellerheads called ‘Figure’. One of the key innovations was the rotary pattern switching interface that created an inspired and fun way to create variations in the drum programming. I was really inspired by this and wanted to construct something in Ableton Live that would give me similar spontaneous flexibility. One of the things I like to do as a music educator is inspire people to think outside of their normal compositional box, seeking alternative methods to make music. Tools that present a different way to make music can be just the ticket when you are looking for inspiration.
The Robot Drum Rack
This unique rack is comprised of a number of Simpler devices. Simpler is a basic Sampler device in Live and is in fact a core component of the drum kits in the library. Essentially each Simpler is a sound in the Robot Drum kit. There is a simpler for the kick drum, a simpler for the snare, one for the hat etc. Instead of programming these sounds in a traditional fashion this fun rack brings in an arpeggiator linked to each simpler. Instead of triggering hits yourself you just keep your fingers down on the keys or pads for as long as you want the pattern to play for. The ‘programming’ of the pattern itself comes from the arpeggiator rate control and this parameter is mapped onto a rotary control on the Macro for hands on action. It’s great fun to create variations on the fly on top of your music using this method and it’s well worth recording about 32 bars of information into the arrange window for further editing and refining.
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Free Ableton Live Rack Download
We are sure all you Ableton Live users are itching to get your hands on the Robot Drum Rack to have a play around with it for yourself. Well we have decided to give the rack away to you lucky readers for free! Load the rack into Ableton, assign the macro controls to any midi control and you will be ready to lay down some unique drum patterns with a completely fresh and tactile approach.
Click the pay with a tweet button below to download the rack. Enjoy!


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